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all pictures are not owned by the admin
don't fucking thank me for a watch
drop an rp, bitch
do it.

rp journal

anniversary august 24
speaker of english, ukrainian, russian
orientation heterosexual

kiev, ukraine current location
orthodox religous belief
single and ready to mingle relationship status

.Hush. little -baby- don't /say/ a word
.And. never -mind- that /noise/ you heard
.It's. just -the- beast /under/ your bed
.In. your -closet- in /your/ head



bring the vodka in
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(taylor momsen)


"chcho vy khochete?!"

Kat Braginskaya
{- 28 | 5'7 | female -}

a p p e a r a n c e
Katyusha has messy, blonde hair and violet eyes. She wears a dark yellow headband, but prefers not to when she goes out drinking and such. Her outfit consists of a white shirt and a dark blue pencil skirt that ends at her knees. Her shirt is usually unbuttoned until a rather large portion of her cleavage could be shown. She wears heels, whether she is to go out on muddy grounds or not.

p e r s o n a l i t y
As a second player, Katyusha is described to be the tougher sister while being compared to her sister, Natalya. She is rude and arrogant, much like her sister's counterpart, and enjoys to toy around with nations. She keeps her distance away from others, and only talks to them when something may be gained from it. If there is anything that she would hate more than children, it would be weakness. Growing up as a nation was hard, so it was her job to learn how to toughen herself up on her own when it would just be her and her siblings; she learned the hard way. Failures and mistakes are despised by her. Unlike her counterpart, she does not cry at all, and prefers to drink almost every day. Maybe the occasional cigarette, too.

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/ hug
( First 2P!Ukraine I've seen man
And a pretty gorgeous one it is hey c; )
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"Thanks for the watch."

{ omfg..
I was just going to go make a Ukraine account oh my god XDD
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[ oh my goodness gracious your profile is lovely ; v ; ]
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[ Thanks for the watch darlin o v u~
You know what's weird-
I was just talking about Ukraine with one of my friends-
And then you watched me- ]
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